Why Hammersley Homes is needed: from an outreach client and volunteer

Big Give 2022 Quote

On day five of our Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign, where every donation is doubled for this week only, we spoke to one our wonderful volunteers and outreach clients, Jamie, about the services we offer:

How have you benefitted from this service and what sort of things has it helped you with?

I’ve been an outreach client for about 10 months, starting with weekly phone calls and then moving into the day visits with a few different volunteers. This included going on outings and has helped me grow confidence in socialising outside of my usual circumstances.

The support has been 100 per cent beneficial and massively assisted me in coping with day-to-day life. The volunteers are compassionate and empathetic and where I’ve found it difficult to express my feelings, the support I’ve been given has made it much easier. As a result, my confidence in getting out and about has grown.

It’s great that it’s helped you get involved with local volunteering opportunities – you are even volunteering with us now, once a week, doing some great work for us! How has this changed your life, and your comfort about getting out and about more?

Through the support I’ve been offered via the outreach programme, my confidence has increased to a level that means I can now offer support and I currently volunteer with Hammersley Homes, carrying out various admin and research duties. I also volunteer at our local library, doing some gardening and helping with the local Ukraine Relief programme.

This all helps give structure to my day knowing I have commitments which in turn distracts me from feeling down.

How have the Hammersley Homes outreach home visitors helped you?

I was working on an Introduction to Care course to assist me in getting part-time work in care and assisting in the community. The outreach volunteers assisted me when I was struggling and helped me work through the modules, helped me be focused and I have gained the qualification which again is a boost to my confidence.

Would you recommend our outreach service to others who might be struggling with their mental health?

I would definitely recommend the service. The amount of time that is allocated makes a huge difference. It’s not just 30 minutes, hi, how are you and goodbye. Time is spent getting to know you as an individual and it feels like very person-centred care.

For me, it has resulted in enthusiasm to integrate into the community and is consistently motivational.

How would you like to see a supported housing programme develop and what form might it take?

The whole Hammersley Homes project is about providing support for life to adults living with enduring mental health challenges and illnesses, to keep them safe, out of the hospital and away from behaviour that results in contact with the police, through the outreach programme and the provision of 24/7 supported housing.
When I was younger, due to my ‘being in a bad place’, I got into trouble with the police. The support I have been given ensures this will not occur again.
To have 24/7 supported housing would be amazing! To be independent but with floating support would be great. To be part of a ‘family’ and to interact with others in similar circumstances would be of great support. Also, to have all the amenities to live a full, independent and comfortable life would be wonderful.

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