what makes us healthy

What makes us healthy? We ALL need this.

It is quite clear that for our wellbeing, comfort and ability to function well in society and in our lives, we all need stability – and to be free of anxiety, we need:

      • Work
      • Good environment
      • Income
      • The security of a nice home
      • Education and skills
      • Healthy food
      • Access to transport
      • Family and friends, and community interaction


When we don’t have these basic things, we get anxious.   When we feel we might be deprived of any of these things, we get anxious.

How much worse then, for vulnerable people who are prone to anxiety and worry to begin with?   And these are the people who ARE so often deprived of these basic things that we all need and many of us take for granted that we have them.

And yet – vulnerable people who suffer with long term mental health challenges and illnesses, are too often housed temporarily in a hostel or Travelodge, with others who might have alcohol or drug problems, because the local Councils who are responsible for housing these people, don’t have the resources to provide decent housing for them.

And so begins the vicious circle …

We see this cycle being repeated, over and over again.   No lessons are learned from this, it just goes on and on.   And often, the period between Psychosis and Section Order can be months or years, and during these periods of psychosis, minor (or sometimes more major) infringements of the law can occur, and then we can insert contact with the Criminal Justice System, Court appearances, and custodial sentences – and prison is the WORST place for such vulnerable people who, after all, are being punished for having an illness or mental health condition.

If only they could receive the long-term support that they so desperately need and deserve, all of this could be avoided.   If only available resources could be aimed towards early intervention rather than crisis, then crisis point and psychotic periods could be avoided altogether, and this endlessly repeated cycle could stop.

And thus – Hammersley Homes.   Our aim and purpose are to fill this gap in the provision of long-term stability, and offer support for life that is so needed, and could put an end to all of this, and thus relieve pressure on our public resources and the public purse.   We are getting there, but we need your help.   Please support us in any way you can.   Thank you.


Louise Hallett