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Supported Housing

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Supported Homes for Life for adults who live with enduring mental illnesses

We recognise the urgent need for fully supported homes for life, for vulnerable adults who live with long-term mental illness and mental health challenges. There has been a lot of focus recently on mental health, but mental illness can often be left out of the conversation.

There is limited temporary support available to this vulnerable group, but nothing long-term. Statutory services are over stretched, and Hammersley Homes is on a mission to fill this gap in the provision of support for life, through fully supported housing, where residents can live comfortably, amongst friends and with 24/7 support on hand when they want it, with any practical and emotional issues they may be struggling with.

Every parent with a disabled child, whatever the disability, worries about who with take care of their loved one when they are no longer able to; and when it’s a mental disability, the answer is – “we will”. We want to give families the comfort and peace of mind to know that their loved ones can live safely and securely, for life, always supported to reach their own personal goals and live their best life.

We are working to open our first Hammersley Home in the New Forest area and hope to have this up and running before too long. Watch this space!