An innovative approach to successful corporate partnerships

By Harriet Evans

We would like to say a huge thank you to the fantastic students who took part in the University of Southampton’s Student Innovation Program, offering their skills and knowledge to find innovative solutions to helping Hammersley Homes.

The Yellow Team’s research and presentation on potential corporate partnerships for Hammersley Homes has been invaluable, and has given us lots of great suggestions for how we can achieve our ambitions to offer supported housing to people living with enduring mental illness. 

The students, who offer a breadth of knowledge from their studies in marketing, economics, data and finance, gave an inspiring presentation about how we can partner with other organisations, charities and influential people who share our values. Exploring everything from volunteering opportunities, possible donation streams, and scope for work in local communities, there are plenty of potential benefits for all involved in these partnerships.

Corporate partnerships offer strong support for charitable organisations, and can amplify the reach and social change that can be achieved. These partnerships are also beneficial for businesses, as it is a great way to demonstrate their social responsibility, and can offer opportunities for their employees to take part a variety of work supporting their community.

It is even reported to have a potential impact on how a business performs; according to the 2017 Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, companies may be more likely to achieve their business goals if their teams, and their brand, are actively involved in corporate citizenship activities. This could be due to promoting a positive reputation for a company, raising their brand awareness, or ensuring their employees feel fulfilled, therefore reducing staff turnover. 

There are so many benefits to finding the right corporate partner, and we are so grateful to the team for sharing their time, hard work, and innovative proposals for how we can grow and collaborate in the future. 

Thank you to the presenters: Shubham Barnwal, Hongyan (Grace) Ye, Dareen Almasri, Zhixuan (Lucy) Liu, and Ziqi (Lucia) Wang, pictured with our Founding Trustee, Louise Hallett.