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Outreach Services


Home Visiting Programme

Working with a team of trained staff and volunteers, we visit vulnerable people living with enduring mental health challenges in their own homes in the New Forest and surrounding areas, relieving loneliness and doing what we can to help each live their best life. Through offering a hand of friendship and helping each with tasks which our clients may be struggling to manage, such as cooking, online access, budgeting, incoming mail, benefits, sorting and clearing, social interaction, and hobbies, lives can be enriched with kindness and compassion.

A Client Charge of £ 30 per calendar month is introduced, after an initial 3-month free trial period, to contribute towards the running costs of the Outreach Home Visiting Service. Hammersley Homes is a charity, reliant upon fundraising initiatives to support and expand our services sustainably. As a charity, we are keen to expand our Outreach Home Visiting Service to support more clients and to continue to raise awareness of the challenges faced by our client group. This charge may be waived if a client is unable to afford the charge. Please contact us for further details.

We are currently expanding this service to the Winchester and Basingstoke areas and plan to eventually extend this service beyond Hampshire and throughout the UK.


Telephone Support Programme

Our volunteers who provide this service, are not necessarily local, but can support our clients almost in the same way as our visiting volunteers can, providing friendship and taking on any simple tasks and dealing with things that might be a struggle for some people. They will go away and research issues that may be particularly challenging, and come back with suggestions. A simple phone call can brighten a day and provide much needed help and support.

Raff Davis – Head of Nursing & AHP’S (Mental Health), South West Division talks about Hammersley Homes


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