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Our People


Kit Kemp MBE

As a co-owner and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels, Kit is passionate about creating exciting and unique interiors. She is an author, successful textiles, homewares & fragrance designer and respected champion of British art.

John Illsley

“I am a founder member of the band Dire Straits and honoured to support and be a Patron of Hammersley Homes, which I’m sure will be an invaluable resource in helping people in later life deal with mental illness”

Nigel Planer

Nigel’s been an actor, singer and writer since he started in the early 80s as an original member of the Comedy Store and Comic Strip clubs. He played Neil in the Young Ones and has gone on to star in many other TV and theatre productions. He is very aware of the need for long term housing for the long term mentally ill, who are currently let down by the insecurity of the temporary support system. Author of ‘A Good Enough Dad’, and ‘Therapy and How to Avoid It’, he is proud to be a patron of Hammersley Homes.

David Gower OBE

English cricket commentator and former cricketer David Gower, was captain of the England cricket team during the 1980s, and has been described as one of the most stylish left-handed batsmen of his era. “I’m proud to be able to support Hammersley Homes – it is just so vitally important that the most vulnerable people in our society are able to know that they have a secure place to call home.”


Louise Hallett

Louise has, for many years, felt passionately about care and housing for adults suffering from mental illness, and has long wanted to do something about providing an alternative to “care in the community” for this vulnerable sector.
Recently retired from 45 years working in various areas of the International Contemporary Art World, she, together with her fellow Trustees, is now directing her energy towards building and developing Hammersley Homes.

Michael Giddens

Michael brings his accountancy expertise to our Board.
Retired now, with time to give to Hammersley Homes, Michael spent his working life managing the accounts for various types of business, and keeping a strict eye on relevant compliance and due diligence.
He now combines this invaluable experience with his keen interest in mental health, and finding ways to help long-term sufferers.

Jeremy North

Having recently sold his well known Landscape business, Jeremy brings his valuable entrepreneurial skills to Hammersley Homes. He is a welcome member of our Board of Trustees, particularly with his keen determination to work to find a way to keep adults suffering from mental ill-health safe from offending and out of prison – which is one of our top priority aims.

Lizzie Grant

Following a career in advertising and several years as a Complementary Therapist and Life Coach, Lizzie is now able to spend more time volunteering in her community.

Through her work with young offenders and the homeless, she experiences at first hand the effect mental health issues have on these vulnerable members of our society and is delighted to join the Board of Trustees of Hammersley Homes to help them with their very important mission.


Amanda Mann

Amanda Mann is an entrepreneur who is involved in real estate management projects and recently introduced a new line of food “Mann’s Cookies” to the confectionary market. Amanda will bring her special skills of leadership and knowledge of mental health to our work. Amanda is blessed with a charismatic, magnetic personality and she will add her own special brand of energy and excitement to all our endeavors.


Charity Nott

With personal experience of mental health issues in her life, Charity is aware of how difficult and frustrating it can be not having access to the right care and support when it’s most needed.   She has been volunteering with Hammersley Homes since early 2020, working on admin and keeping their database up to date, and is happy to do what she can to help them achieve their aims.   Supported long-term housing for vulnerable people who suffer from mental illness and struggle to live on their own, is desperately needed, and Charity is delighted to be part of a team that works towards providing this facility.

Mary Hoang

Mary is a naturally empathetic individual who places great value on social connection, personal development and wellbeing. She has throughout her adult life never been far from people suffering ongoing mental ill-health and on countless occasions witnessed gaps in the care system for those struggling.

By volunteering at Hammersley Homes, Mary hopes to help develop and establish a long-term living solution for members of this vulnerable group.

Joanne Bridgland

Joanne is a recent Psychology graduate and has spent time volunteering in the mental health charity sector. She has frontline experience providing an empathetic, supportive ear to people in distress who are struggling with their mental health. Joanne has work experience within administration and is putting her academic and professional experience to use assisting with research for Hammersley Homes.

Carly Cullen

Carly is passionate about extending mental health research and the underfunding it currently experiences. She is studying an undergraduate degree in psychology and is determined to make a difference to the lives of those who are struggling. She volunteers as a crisis councillor for a text service which allows volunteers to instantly respond to people in crisis. By volunteering with Hammersley Homes, Carly hopes to be part of the solution in making the lives of vulnerable individuals more manageable from the security that comes with having a home.

Rhea Parikh

Hi, I am Rhea and I recently graduated with an MSc in International Business from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. My journey towards volunteering began with a quote that I came across a couple of years ago by Oscar Wilde that said “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” From then, I have always wanted to give back to the society in any way possible. Previously, I have volunteered for organisations that aim to provide a better lifestyle for underprivileged kids suffering from terminally ill diseases. I am extremely grateful to Louise for giving me the opportunity to be a part of her vision at Hammersley Homes and hope to help her fulfil her dream.

Scott Olden

I am Scott, and I’m delighted to join the Hammersley Homes team.    Having personal experience of mental health issues in my life, I understand the importance of mental wellbeing and hope to make a real difference in supporting the Hammersley Homes project and its goals.

Aayushi Parikh

I’m a student, currently in my final year at university, passionate to destigmatize mental illness. I believe volunteering with Hammersley Homes will truly help those in desperate need for physical and emotional security, and will allow me to be part of a great project. Mental health needs proper attention, especially in the media, which more often than not lacks the confidence to properly educate readers on the topic, or negatively construes stories. I’m going to focus my research skills here and work with HH to achieve its goal.