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Our People


Nigel Planer

Nigel’s been an actor, singer and writer since he started in the early 80s as an original member of the Comedy Store and Comic Strip clubs. He played Neil in the Young Ones and has gone on to star in many other TV and theatre productions. He is very aware of the need for long term housing for the long term mentally ill, who are currently let down by the insecurity of the temporary support system. Author of  ‘A Good Enough Dad’, and ‘Therapy and How to Avoid It ’, he is proud to be a patron of Hammersley Homes.

David Gower OBE

English cricket commentator and former cricketer David Gower, was captain of the England cricket team during the 1980s, and has been described as one of the most stylish left-handed batsmen of his era. "I’m proud to be able to support Hammersley Homes - it is just so vitally important that the most vulnerable people in our society are able to know that they have a secure place to call home.”

John Illsley

“I am a founder member of the band Dire Straits and honoured to support and be a Patron of Hammersley Homes, which I’m sure will be an invaluable resource in helping people in later life deal with mental illness”

Kit Kemp MBE

As a co-owner and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels, Kit is passionate about creating exciting and unique interiors. She is an author, successful textiles, homewares & fragrance designer and respected champion of British art.


Our trustees are currently the charity’s managing team, running the strategic development and the organisation on a day-to-day basis, supported by our fantastic team of volunteers.

Louise Hallett

Louise Hallett​

Founder, Chair and CEO

Louise has, for many years, felt passionately about care and housing for adults suffering from mental illness, and has long wanted to do something about providing an alternative to “care in the community” for this vulnerable sector. Recently retired from 45 years working in various areas of the International Contemporary Art World, she, together with her fellow Trustees, is now directing her energy towards building and developing Hammersley Homes.

Jeremy North

Having recently sold his well known Landscape business, Jeremy brings his valuable entrepreneurial skills to Hammersley Homes. He is a welcome member of our Board of Trustees, particularly with his keen determination to work to find a way to keep adults suffering from mental ill-health safe from offending and out of prison – which is one of our top priority aims.

Lizzie Grant

Following a career in advertising and several years as a Complementary Therapist and Life Coach, Lizzie is now able to spend more time volunteering in her community.Through her work with young offenders and the homeless, she experiences at first hand the effect mental health issues have on these vulnerable members of our society and is delighted to join the Board of Trustees of Hammersley Homes to help them with their very important mission.

Jeremy Goddard

Jerry has spent most of his career working in risk management in financial services. An accountant, he hopes to bring business planning skills to the board along with an understanding of all things risk. A keen supporter of mental health, Jerry once cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats solo to raise money for a related charity, he is committed to seeing Hammersley succeed in their goals.

Harriet Evans

Harriet Evans

Harriet is a trained journalist and communications professional, most recently leading the engineering communications strategy for an automotive company. After taking a career break in 2020, she has since completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Law, with a view to working towards tackling social injustice and making the law more accessible to vulnerable groups. Harriet is keen to bring her experience to Hammersley Homes at this exciting time for the charity, helping to fulfil the vision of offering support, comfort and hope for people living with enduring mental illness, and their families.


Natalia Kolotneva

Natalia is an experienced real estate professional with a strong track record in investment and asset management, previously working in leadership positions across public and private sectors. She is currently driving the performance of a specialist asset management team at LaSalle Investment Management within operational sectors, including housing, student accommodation, healthcare and hospitality. Built environment is an ultimate impact asset class that shapes people’s lives and the livelihood of its community. With keen interest in finding innovative housing solutions for vulnerable people in our communities, Natalia serves as an Advisor to the Board in its ambitious growth plans. She brings commercial mind and charitable heart.

Susan Pearson

Susan Pearson

Susan is a real estate lawyer who has spent many years assisting charitable organisations in their property transactions, combining her commercial property expertise with her knowledge of charity law. She has for many years been a trustee for a charity which supports people with learning disabilities and their families. Susan wants to use her knowledge and experience to help and support Hammersley Homes in her role as an Advisor to the Board.

Tatyana Ignatyeva

Tatyana Ignatyeva is the Managing Director (CEO) of TSI Group in London UK. Tatyana has two decades of experience in the acquisition, development, investment and exit of real-estate investments. She currently spearheads a number of special purpose and acquisition vehicles with over two dozen of investments and completed exits, and $100m of successful projects in the UK, Central and Southern Europe. Prior to founding her real estate, advisory and investment firm, Tatyana worked at a Mayfair-based 1bn+ Hedge Fund (Argo Capital Management) for over 10 years. Tatyana achieved registered and regulated FCA status having qualified with the Investment Managers Certificate of the CFA UK and received the ESG training from CFA. As an entrepreneurial leader and astute investor, she latterly completed the world-class Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), multi-modular programme in Real Estate Finance and Investments.


April Edwards

April Edwards

Years of witnessing the inadequacy of long term support for sufferers of mental illness has encouraged April’s strong desire to do what she can to help fight for change. She is one of our most enthusiastic and dedicated fundraisers and brings her charm and charisma to our project, helping to spread the word about our aims, and always working to banish the stigma.

Amanda Mann

Amanda Mann is an entrepreneur who is involved in real estate management projects and recently introduced a new line of food “Mann’s Cookies” to the confectionary market. Amanda will bring her special skills of leadership and knowledge of mental health to our work. Amanda is blessed with a charismatic, magnetic personality and she will add her own special brand of energy and excitement to all our endeavors.


Crystal Bloomfield

Crystal Bloomfield

Home Visits Support Programme Co-ordinator

I have always had a genuine interest in helping people. I work with a person-centred approach to meet the needs, wishes, values, beliefs and preferences of individuals. I am motivated to make a positive change in the lives of vulnerable people through support, advice, empowerment, communication and listening. I have experience of supporting people living with mental health challenges, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. The Hammersley Homes Home Visits Support Programme is an amazing scheme and I am proud to be part of it. I am excited to work with our wonderful volunteers to enrich the lives of vulnerable adults who struggle living with mental illness, to offer dignity, friendship and support to reduce loneliness, and encourage independence.My hobbies and interests include art, photography, karate, jogging and reading.

Annabelle Howley

Annabelle Howley

Administration manager

My background is in the Art & Design world, and having studied Art at Brighton University and then working as a Graphic Designer this remains a big part of my life and interests. As well as this I have also worked in admin based office roles, and I’m at my happiest when I’m busy and organised! I am very interested in people and their stories. I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people, who fight every day for what they believe in. When I met Louise at Hammersley Homes I felt completely inspired and excited to be given the opportunity to be part of something so important and part of such an incredible team working together for such a good cause. I am so impressed with what the team have achieved so far, and I’m really excited to be part of what’s to come!


Charity Nott

With personal experience of mental health issues in her life, Charity is aware of how difficult and frustrating it can be not having access to the right care and support when it’s most needed.   She has been volunteering with Hammersley Homes since early 2020, working on admin and keeping their database up to date, and is happy to do what she can to help them achieve their aims.   Supported long-term housing for vulnerable people who suffer from mental illness and struggle to live on their own, is desperately needed, and Charity is delighted to be part of a team that works towards providing this facility.

Rhea Parikh

Hi, I am Rhea and I recently graduated with an MSc in International Business from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. My journey towards volunteering began with a quote that I came across a couple of years ago by Oscar Wilde that said "The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." From then, I have always wanted to give back to the society in any way possible. Previously, I have volunteered for organisations that aim to provide a better lifestyle for underprivileged kids suffering from terminally ill diseases. I am extremely grateful to Louise for giving me the opportunity to be a part of her vision at Hammersley Homes and hope to help her fulfil her dream.

Mei-Ling Browne

As someone who has seen the effects of long-term mental illness on close family members, I am driven to help change what is currently available by supporting this fantastic cause and contributing to the community through compassion and care. My work and volunteering experience lie within the charity sector and as a volunteer, I plan on dedicating my time by utilising my skills in research, admin and database management.

Carly Cullen

Carly is passionate about extending mental health research and the underfunding it currently experiences. She is studying an undergraduate degree in psychology and is determined to make a difference to the lives of those who are struggling. She volunteers as a crisis councillor for a text service which allows volunteers to instantly respond to people in crisis. By volunteering with Hammersley Homes, Carly hopes to be part of the solution in making the lives of vulnerable individuals more manageable from the security that comes with having a home.

Katherine Cook

Katherine Cook

Hi! I am a graduate from the University of Exeter with a degree in Geography. A lot of my previous experiences have been in the charity/ fundraising world as I have always been interested in making a difference and having a positive impact on people’s lives. This is why I am excited to join Hammersley Homes, helping to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals and developing a long-term living solution for them, and I am looking forward to getting involved and helping to achieve their mission.

Scott Olden

I am Scott, and I'm delighted to join the Hammersley Homes team.    Having personal experience of mental health issues in my life, I understand the importance of mental wellbeing and hope to make a real difference in supporting the Hammersley Homes project and its goals.

Aayushi Parikh

I'm a student, currently in my final year at university, passionate to destigmatize mental illness. I believe volunteering with Hammersley Homes will truly help those in desperate need for physical and emotional security, and will allow me to be part of a great project. Mental health needs proper attention, especially in the media, which more often than not lacks the confidence to properly educate readers on the topic, or negatively construes stories. I'm going to focus my research skills here and work with HH to achieve its goal.

Andrew Webster

My name is Andy Webster; over the last couple of years I have suffered some mental health issues and addictions, and I have experienced living in supported accommodation, so I can understand at first hand the issues addressed by Hammersley Homes. Fortunately for some of us there is help and advise at hand, but sadly not for all. I am excited about joining the volunteer team at Hammersley Homes, and pleased to use my personal experiences and administration skills to help them reach their important and much needed goals and objectives.

Josephine Almalvez

Hi, my name is Josephine. I am a graduate in BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University. I am born and raised in the Philippines and moved to UK 8 years ago. When I was a kid, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a volunteer because I believe that our world needs compassion, empathy and understanding, so that we can all work collectively towards the greater good. I spend most of my time working and volunteering with a range of charities, and I'll be supporting Hammersley Homes as an HR assistant.

Abby Pardoe

Since graduating from the University of Southampton in 2013 Abby has worked in a variety of different roles, from recruitment to event management to academic administration. She hopes to bring all of this experience, as well as the knowledge gained from a recent HR qualification, to bear to help Hammersley Homes achieve its goal of a fully running house in Hampshire by 2022. Having had lifelong struggles of her own with both physical and mental disabilities, Abby is thrilled to have the opportunity to help others like her who have not been so fortunate.

Gaia Giampietro

Gaia Giampietro

My name is Gaia, I have studied BSc Psychology at the University of Westminster as an undergraduate, and I have recently graduated from MSc Forensic Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. Due to my professional interest in Psychology, combined with my lived experience of mental health issues, I strive to make a difference in the life of others by being part of the Hammersley Homes team. I am going to assist this great cause by putting my research skills into use.

Priscilla Okoye

Priscilla is passionate about human behaviour and the combined factors, events and experiences that actuate and sum up the observed behaviour. A master’s degree holder in English Language and Literature, Leadership and Human Resources Management, Priscilla also has a keen interest in Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mental health, Psychological well-being and human flourishing.Considering that the best way to find oneself is to lose the self in the service of others, Priscilla hopes to find herself while helping others. She aims to bring her qualifications and love for others to Hammersley Homes.

Ethan Ramsden

My name is Ethan, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to volunteer for Hammersley Homes. I have recently completed a three year undergraduate psychology degree, and currently work as a support worker, so I guess you could say I'm very passionate about psychology and mental health! In my spare time, I enjoy listening to alternative music and playing guitar. I hold a strong passion for health & fitness, and currently have my own dedicated website. In addition, I have recently taken up learning Chinese, though I'm still pretty clueless on how to use chopsticks!

Angus Cadwallader

Angus has worked as an editorial and communications specialist for three years and is passionate about conducting research that benefits vulnerable people and communities. He holds an MSc in Media, Communications and International Journalism from the University of Glasgow. By volunteering with Hammersley Homes, Angus hopes to bring the issue of underfunded mental health services to the forefront of public consciousness, as well as work towards securing safe and supported housing for adults suffering from enduring mental illness.

Rojah Guntripp

I strongly believe in the welfare and support of people with disabilities and mental illness. Hammersley Homes’ admirable mission resonates with my experiences with friends and family members who could benefit from the support they offer. From personal experience, people with disabilities and mental illness are under-represented and deserve to have a voice in today's world. Working with Hammersley Homes, my mission is to offer my expertise to make a difference, support them in achieving their goals and making positive long-term change in the lives of people with disabilities and mental illness.

Saoirse Osborne

Saoirse Osborne

I'm a student, currently in my first year of A-levels. I have seen the impact of mental illness on family members - and the security and relief supported housing can provide - so I'm passionate about Hammersley Homes' aims. I hope to use my experience working for a small student-run business to help Hammersley Homes with their social media and blog to spread the word about the good work it is doing.

Keith Chillman

Keith has worked as a photographer in the past and sometimes used these skills to offer help as a volunteer, working in museums and helping to train further education students.More recently, due to health problems, he has been working as a volunteer for the last three years for a local museum, and has worked for a community centre.Keith is hoping to use some of the skills he has gained as a volunteer to help Hammersley Homes to raise awareness of the difficulties people with mental health problems endure and put a stop to stigma.

Callum Murphy

Callum Murphy

My name is Callum and I am excited to be joining the Hammersley Homes team. As a sufferer of depression and other mental difficulties, I understand the value of the work being done here and I am happy to be able to help in any way I can! My main focus will be on spreading the word and growing Hammersley Homes social media presence.

Zanell Neethling

Zanell Neethling

I immigrated to the UK from a small coastal village outside Cape Town, named Kleinmond (which refers to the small mouth of the lagoon at the seafront) in July 2004, when I was 17, with my parents, joining my two older brothers who were already here. I used to ride horses competitively in South Africa, specifically in show jumping and eventing, and I have competed in competitions all over the Western Province. Now many, many years later… My brothers are in Spain, and my parents, who teach at a private school near Gloucester, will be retiring to Spain in two years’ time. I get unlimited visiting hours 🙂 especially when my dad gets his little Boston Terrier and blue velvet French bulldog … summer days swimming in the sun await! Exciting times ahead! For now, I’m happy to be volunteering with Hammersley Homes – I really support the work they are doing.

Charlotte Bedwell

Charlotte Bedwell

Having worked in education for 4 years, Charlie is passionate about mental health awareness. She will be using her skills as an educator and writer to help support the team in growing its social media presence, spreading the word about Hammersley Homes and the amazing work that it does far and wide!

Haleena Gulzareen

Haleena Gulzareen

I am a MSc clinical psychology graduate from Royal Holloway University, with experience in mental health, neurological/neurodevelopmental disorders and research practise within diverse populations. I have a great interest in mental health and human psychology which has led me to pursue work and volunteer roles within NHS, non-profit organisations, and special educational needs groups. I also have specialist research knowledge and skills from my time at university and my research assistant roles. I hope to bring such skills to any tasks and duties I will conduct as part of my role of being a volunteer for Hammersley Homes.

Alex Jerrard

After studying an undergraduate degree in BA Politics & Sociology, Alex worked in for social and market research companies as well as the charity sector. He has been volunteering with Hammersley Homes by conducting research on nationwide charity-based awards as well as writing and scripting surveys on survey platforms. Alex has volunteered and raised money for some organisations and is passionate about making a difference surrounding the issues of mental health.

Emma Smith

Emma Smith

I’m currently a business development officer at a university but previously spent many years working in the substance misuse field commissioning and managing services so have an extensive knowledge of the issues impacting those that Hammersley Homes work with as well as some personal experiences of poor mental health. I have also volunteered previously fundraising for charities so am using this and my past work experiences to help increase much needed funding income.

Molly Wells

Molly Wells

I am extremely passionate about mental health as many close to me struggle daily with the impacts of mental illnesses. I feel that nowhere near enough is being done to help those who suffer from mental illness which is having lasting effects on the people close to them. Moreover, the reputation and representation of mental health is still not as positive as it should be. Therefore, a charity like Hammersley Homes spoke to me as it offers genuine care and solutions for those who suffer from their mental health and I am excited to be a part of this great organisation and start to make a difference!

Thea Sandell

Thea Sandell

Volunteer Home Visitor

I am currently a student studying for my Psychology BSc. After my degree, I plan to embark on my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the hopes to open my own private practise in the future.I am passionate about helping people from all walks of life and as I progress through my studies and acquire new skills, I plan to use my knowledge and empathetic nature to contribute to Hammersley Homes promise to offer security, comfort and trust to people who are living with an enduring mental illness.

Codie Towers

Codie Towers

Hi, I am Codie I am recently studying at college on an access course to health professions hoping to attend university next year to study paramedic science. I have always been interested in helping others and making a difference in people's lives, I am excited to be joining Hammersley Homes and I am happy to be able to help in any way I can!
In my spare time i enjoy boxing, cooking and coastal walks with my 2 dogs.

Michelle Mclntosh

Michelle Mclntosh

My name is Michelle but you can call me Shell. I am 34 years old and have always worked in the care industry, both elderly and learning disabilities since I was 18. I have joined Hammersley Homes as I am wanting to help people who need it. I believe having someone who you can trust to share your worries and doubts with is very important and I will try my hardest to help in any way I can.

Rhianna O'Connor

Rhianna O'Connor

My name is Rhianna and I work in the social care sector. I'm passionate about mental health and I joined the Hammersley Homes team because I deeply empathise with their mission of providing long-term support and stability for vulnerable people who suffer from enduring mental ill-health. I'm excited to use my IT skills to help keep the website updated and running smoothly!