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Stories of Homes, Created for Living.

Lifestory offers an exceptional collection of quality homes and services that have been created by our brands: Anthology, PegasusLife and Renaissance Retirement. Together we create homes and serve our customers at every stage of their life.

Manns Cookies - Natural & Naughty

Everything tastes better with the best… So we make sure all our cookies are made with 100% love. Every cookie is hand-rolled, measured and weighed by one of the family ensuring great taste in each one! With every batch freshly baked… No one likes an old cookie… Our cookies only contain the best ingredients. Free-range eggs, Hampshire butter and flour, combined with 85% Tumaco and 72% San Martin fair trade dark chocolate.

Award winning crate specifically designed to reduce the environmental impact, risk and cost of shipping high value art.

Over the past four years we have researched and analysed what the best methods of protecting art are; what can and does go wrong when artwork packaging fails; and what materials are the most reliable for the task.Armed with this knowledge we have worked with an award winning design team to produce ROKBOX.

Right Plan Logo

People are your business, protect them both

Covid-19 has changed many things, but not the need for life and health insurances. Right Plan are a team of friendly and experienced insurance experts who want to help you arrange the best cover for you, to make sure your loved ones are financially protected if something serious impacts your health. Deeply committed to corporate social responsibility, Right Plan have a history of making charitable contributions and are now working to support Hammersley Homes and help change lives with kindness and compassion.

Setting new standards in mental health crisis care

Helping patients reduce their risks of criminal justice intervention

Practical information for families affected by mental health homicides in Britain

Around a 100 families a year will have a loved one killed by someone with mental illness. We work with Criminal Justice System, the Health Service and other organisations to support victims and to embed real learning in order to prevent these tragedies from happening in future.