Gaia Giampietro

Meet Gaia Giampietro

For Day 6 of Volunteers’ Week, we spoke to volunteer Gaia Giampietro.


What does your role involve?

I am a researcher, specifically looking at the issue of mental illness and prisons. My role involves collecting relevant statistics, arranging and attending interviews with subject experts, and producing reports to support funding applications, as well as marketing purposes. At the moment, I am collecting data through a questionnaire which investigates how probation services deal with prisoners’ mental health.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Due to my professional interest in Forensic Psychology, combined with my lived experience of mental health issues, I wanted to volunteer for a charity striving to make a difference in these fields: Hammersley Homes was the perfect choice.

How did you find out about Hammersley Homes?

I was looking at volunteering opportunities on the Do-It website [], and I (fortunately) stumbled upon Hammersley Homes.

Do you have any advice for volunteers trying to balance volunteering with other commitments?

Try to carve out some hours out of every week for volunteering work, and always remind yourself that it is for an extremely important cause!
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