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New beginnings 👋

A goodbye from Avril and Emaline

“I would recommend the “Telephone Support Volunteer” role to anyone, especially to those interested in helping people and/or wishing to go into a mental health career. The experiences that I have received from volunteering with Hammersley Homes have been unforgettable and have got me closer to understanding mental health; beyond what a textbook could ever teach. This experience has helped me receive job applications and postgraduate studies I thought to once be out of reach. Thank you, Hammersley Homes, for giving me valuable experiences and opportunities to expand my knowledge further than I could have hoped.”

“Volunteering as a remote telephone outreach worker at Hammersley Homes has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling journey. Being a psychology undergraduate with a strong passion for helping individuals struggling with mental health issues, I feel extremely fortunate for the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and gain valuable practical experience. It’s a cause that I deeply believe in, and if you’re considering lending a hand, don’t hesitate to get involved.”

Thank you Avril and Emaline – the work you have done here has been truly incredible. You have really changed people’s lives and we cannot thank you enough for the impact that you have had.

We wish you lots of luck and happiness in your future endeavors!

Welcome to all these lovely new team members!

Abdul-quadri Shittu
Wendy Russell-Eves

Dan (top left), Abdul (top right), Teresa (bottom left) and Wendy (bottom right).

A special thank you

Jennifer Maxwell

We would like to say a special thank you to Jennifer for the INCREDIBLE work that she has been doing. This month we celebrate her 2 year anniversary volunteering with Hammersley Homes and the impact that she has had on our clients is immeasurable.

Here’s what her team say about her – “Jennifer has been supporting our members as a telephone volunteer since June of 2022. She has given and continues to give a great deal of her time and shows extraordinary commitment to helping those who are particularly in need of support. Whether it be a friendly conversation, giving advice and encouragement, recognising their achievements, or assisting in a time of crisis, Jennifer has cultivated a trusting relationship with our members and her passion to help alleviate the loneliness and vulnerability of people experiencing enduring mental health problems is inspiring for us all.”

A massive thank you for all your hard work – you are fantastic! 💖

Lovely meeting you all in Bournemouth

We had an amazing time at the Student Volunteer Fair on Wednesday 15th February, organised by the Bournemouth University Students Union.

Sarah, Mandy and James all attended to talk to the students about Hammersley Homes and the work we do.

It was inspiring to see so much interest in our volunteering opportunities within our Outreach Programme, where we support individuals with enduring mental health challenges. But that’s not all! We also received a tremendous response for various roles within our charity, including graphic design, video animation, social media management, PR and Marketing, and research positions.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and expressed interest in making a difference in our community. Your enthusiasm and passion are truly appreciated!

If you missed us at the fair but still want to get involved, don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. To reach out to us, click here and learn more about how you can join our incredible team and be a part of something meaningful. Together, we can create positive change!

Love your charity

Love Your Charity was our first event in the Lymington Chamber of Commerce events diary! On 22nd February, we hosted an event at Elmers Court in Lymington, with a focus on the benefits of corporate partnerships. Local charities were invited to attend, along with several local businesses and members of the Chamber. This was a great opportunity to network with local businesses both for ourselves and the other charities who participated in the event. We are looking forward to putting on more events of local charities as part of the Chamber of Commerce. As part of the Charity Committee we are planning a calendar of events throughout the year to benefit local charities, the aims of which are to increase awareness and engagement with local charities, and to encourage connection and collaboration with local businesses.

What's in the news?

Something isn't working

Almost 5,000 people last year were readmitted to mental health facilities just one month after leaving. The effects of early discharge on individuals who are not ready can be devastating but with resources stretched to their limit, more and more people are not receiving the support they so desperately need.

Fighting social isolation

Inner city seeds, an organisation tackling social isolation in Plymouth, have launched their new project – the wildlife corridor. Volunteers came together to build bug hotels, mini libraries and planters in an alleyway to raise awareness and connect communities.

The value of mental health projects

Head 4 Health, a mental health project set up by the Wolves foundation, offer over 18’s the opportunity to join them for walks, workshops and conversation to support their well being.

Mental Health

Conventry, Hollymoor, Shrewsbury, Stoke-on-Trent and Worcester will be introducing Mental Health response vehicles in an effort to better their response to mental health crises. Whilst they acknowledge that there is a lot more to be done here, we can hope this is a step in the right direction.

James White - Outreach Programme Manager

James White

1) What drew you to the role of Outreach Programme Manager?

The Outreach Programme Manager role instantly stood out to me. I have previously worked with people with mental health problems and to see how devastating it can be makes me passionate about supporting those in need. Hammersley Homes does so much for its members, and the outreach programme in particular stands out as a service with such high need and demand.

2) What’s the best part of working with our outreach team?

I think the best part about the team has been meeting a lot of members and hearing their thoughts. I am still trying to get to meet everyone as I have only been here 4 weeks now but I’m quickly learning how great a team there is here, especially from all the feedback I have had from the programme’s members. It says everything you need to know about the amazing people I work with.

3) What’s your favourite memory of working here so far?

It’s been all action so far and I can’t believe I’ve been here a month already. My favourite experience to date was attending a volunteering fair at Bournemouth University in my first week. Recruiting volunteers helped me to quickly learn more about my own role and to see how keen the students were to help gave me a lot of hope for the future of the charity!

4) What are your hopes and goals for the team this year?

I would love to start some new services for our members, they’re the number one priority and I think the more staff we can recruit, the more members we can help. I have a lot of ideas and planning and I’m really excited for the future of Hammersley Homes.

5) If you could change one thing about the world to support those living with mental illness, what would it be?

I would change the stigma around mental illnesses. I have already seen how much people living with mental illnesses struggle, not necessarily because of the mental illnesses they have, but because of the way society treats them. Greater and wider education at an early age would help people to understand the inequalities faced by those with mental illnesses.

Support our work

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