Loneliness At Christmas can be hard

by Brian Woods

Christmas is traditionally a time when people come together to celebrate. However, that is not true for everyone. Some people will be alone this Christmas. This can be for a variety of reasons, including bereavement, ill health, or family and friends who live thousands of miles away.

There is something of a stigma attached to loneliness at Christmas. This means that people are often reluctant or embarrassed to admit that they will be alone during the festive season.

But if we say to someone else that we will be alone at Christmas it can sometimes have unexpected results. A few years ago I was volunteering in a charity shop. Someone asked me what I was doing for Christmas. When I replied that I would be alone she said I could spend Christmas Day with her family. I accepted her kind offer and had a wonderful time.

Reaching out to other people can benefit both those who give and those who receive. That is surely what the real spirit of Christmas is all about.

Who will you reach out to this Christmas? Please tell us – we’d love to add your thoughts and comments to this blog.

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