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Segregation worsens mental illness symptoms
In a Scottish prison, women with complex mental illnesses were facing segregation for up to 22 hours a day. The average time spent in isolation was just over a month with the longest period of segregation being 82 days. Unsurprisingly, their symptoms worsened.

A man with schizophrenia stabbed a police officer following ‘deteriorating’ mental health.
He has now been detained indefinitely at a psychiatric hospital. This behaviour had been seen before when he attacked two more police officers and mental health workers. If people are not offered the support that they need when they first exhibit these behaviours, they will continue to suffer.

Opinion piece – Mental illness is a reality – so why does ‘mental health’ get all the attention?

Click here to read about how an illness that is severe and needs treatment should not be minimised.

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Isle of Wight walk

Isle of Wight Walk – THANK YOU!
Firstly, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our wonderful donors who supported Louise and April on their fundraising walk around the Isle of Wight. They completed the 80 mile walk in fairly extreme weather – the first few days in scorching heat, and then the last days in pouring rain! But they say they feel a terrific sense of achievement, and were enormously encouraged by the donations that kept pouring in, with lovely messages, eventually totalling over £50,000! Beyond our dreams, and will make such a difference to the work we are doing, enabling us to support more vulnerable people who suffer from these debilitating enduring mental illnesses – so really an ENORMOUS thank you for all this amazing support!!

25th July – National Schizophrenia Awareness Day
In England, one in every 100 adults has a schizophrenia diagnosis. Yet myths and stigma still surround this condition. Hammersley Homes is committed to providing people with schizophrenia the support and dignity they deserve. Learn more about schizophrenia here.

Find out more about the work of Hammersley Homes on our press site here.

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Outreach Programme

Hammersley Homes’ new Home Visits Support Programme works with a team of wonderful volunteers to visit vulnerable adults in their homes, who suffer with mental health challenges and struggle to live independently. They offer friendship, kindness and help with daily tasks including shopping, linking with food banks, liaising with their care workers, online access, budgeting and benefits, dealing with incoming mail, paying bills, and even simply going out for a walk or drive – anything to help them live their best life.

Monthly text donations

£3 a month will pay the expenses of a volunteer who can help one more person each month – enrich one more life. So please consider a small monthly donation that can change a life.

Simply text HOMES to 70580 to donate £3 a month. This small donation can make such a difference. Thank you

Meet the team - Emma Smith

Emma Smith

Q: What does your role involve?
Emma: I research Trusts and Foundations who may be able to provide funding for Hammersley Homes and then put together applications to apply for those grants.

Q: Where did you come across Hammersley Homes?
Emma: Louise [our founder] found my CV on the Reach volunteering website and contacted me. Because of my previous work experience in a field related to mental health I thought this was a great opportunity to combine my skills and knowledge.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone just starting to volunteer?
Emma: Have a good think about which causes you are most passionate about. There are such a wide variety of charities out there it will help narrow your search and it really helps if you can be involved in something that you are passionate about.

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Hammersley Homes couldn’t do what we do without the help of our supporters.

Donate today: just £3 a month will get us closer to our goal of offering all adults with mental illness a supported home for life.

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