Hammersley Homes is delighted to participate in the Aviva Community Fund project – but we need your help.

We are excited to be part of the Aviva Community Fund project raising funds towards the cost of establishing a detailed and optimum Housing Model.

What exactly will the first Hammersley Home look like? This will be a weighty, detailed plan – an in-depth, step-by-step description of exactly what we are going to do to fulfil our mission. It will include strategic analysis of the current situation across the country – what is working, what is not, current best practice , trends etc.  Plus details of the delivery model.

This will cost  upwards  of £5,000 and will also provide us with an Executive Summary to be added to our Business Plan.

PLEASE click on the link above and give whatever you can to help us towards filling this desperately needed gap in housing provision for vulnerable adults who suffer from crippling enduring mental illnesses, enabling them to lead enriched lives with the support and companionship we all need and deserve.