Gratitude At Christmas

by Brian Woods

Christmas is an ideal time to make a gratitude list.   All you need is a pen and some paper.   You can approach your gratitude list in different ways.   You could perhaps write down all the good things that have happened in your life over the past year.   The people you have met, the enjoyable things you have done, and anything you might have achieved. 

An alternative is to make a gratitude list of the people and things that we are grateful to have in our lives.   This allows us to stop and think about who and what is really important to us.

Starting a gratitude list is simple.   You could perhaps begin by noting down the positives in your life.   For example, the roof over your head, having enough food to eat, and your family and friends.   We can sometimes take these things for granted, so it is good to be reminded of their true worth.   It is surprising how the list then grows as you jot down other things that you are grateful for.

Making a gratitude list concentrates our mind. It is never time wasted, as it reveals the positivity in all our lives.

How will you start yours?   Please tell us – we’d love to add your thoughts and comments to this blog.

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