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Bryan Woods asks – What is ‘The Perfect Christmas’?

Every year it’s the same. Several weeks before Christmas supermarkets and other businesses launch their big advertising campaigns. Though they may vary in approach, their aim is basically the same – to present a snapshot of the perfect Christmas.

Then there are additional online and media advertisements, not to mention social media. There is no shortage of online sites about Christmas posts for social media. These offer advice on how to increase engagement and present a better image.

This can affect our mental health. When viewing Facebook or Instagram posts we can sometimes compare and judge ourselves.

In its turn, this can lead to a fear of missing out. Everybody seems to be having a better time than we are. This is especially true if we are struggling financially.

Taking a break from all this over the Christmas holiday can benefit our mental health. This can be done either by reducing our use of social media or cutting it out completely.

The same applies to news media. At Christmas we are still exposed to a lot of negative news stories. Bad things still happen and this can seem to be very depressing at this time of year. Switching off does not mean that we cease to care. We are just looking after our own mental health after all.

What will your Christmas be like this year? Please tell us – we’d love to add your thoughts and comments to this blog.

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