It Doesn't Have To Be
Like This

Help people with enduring mental illness find

safety, security,
comfort and friendship

- for life

Our Mission

Imagine this…

A family member or close friend has a diagnosis of psychosis. He or she lives with you and the illness dominates your life; or they live alone in social housing, lonely, friendless and in chaos; or maybe they are homeless. Like so many others in your situation, you worry about them constantly. If they are lucky enough to be under the supervision of a Mental Health Trust, and many are not, they might be on prescribed medication but decide not to take it, and their psychosis worsens. They refuse help or treatment. They get into trouble with the law and often end up in prison. Our prisons are full of vulnerable people who suffer from mental illness.

It Doesn't Have To Be Like This

There are hundreds of thousands of people with long-term mental illness. They won’t get better. As a direct result of unsuitable care or housing, they often become a danger to themselves and others and an unintentional drain on the state. Vulnerable adults with a history of enduring mental health challenges are often ignored and treated like criminals. It is not their fault they are ill. As much as everyone else, they deserve the dignity of a happy home where they are valued and supported and can live out their lives among their friends and peers.

Starting in Hampshire, we are building a nationwide network of long-term supported housing for vulnerable adults with a history of enduring mental illness, giving them the same safety, security, comfort, community and friendship for life that we all need to survive and thrive.

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We Strive

At Hammersley homes we strive for a just mental health system that advances the rights of people with enduring mental illness to have safe places to live, to be shown kindness, and to be given the support they need to keep themselves out of harm’s way – resulting in reduced pressure on our NHS, Mental Health Trusts, Police and Prisons.


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