Hammersley Homes

Support for life for adults experiencing mental health challenges and psychotic illnesses

Fully Supported Housing for adults experiencing mental health challenges and illnesses, providing the security of a home for life

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Day Centres providing activities for adults experiencing mental health challenges and illnesses

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Outreach Services providing friendship and support for adults experiencing mental health challenges and illnesses

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Our Mission

At Hammersley Homes, our mission is to provide permanent support for adults who live with enduring mental health challenges and psychotic illnesses, and struggle with daily life.   There is a growing scarcity of long-term support options for this vulnerable group.

Without the safety, security, and sense of community that long-term support provides, they are at risk of falling through the cracks and becoming hospitalised, homeless, or unfairly imprisoned.

Our Solution

Friendship, Kindness and Compassion can go a long way.

Our aim is to provide Day Centres and fully Supported Homes for life, where residents can live amongst friends, with 24/7 support on hand if and when required.
For now, our Outreach Programme provides support through visits to our vulnerable Outreach Members in their own homes, offering help with any daily tasks they may be struggling with, encouraging social engagement and hobbies, helping them to reach their personal goals and live their best life. We are working to expand this service nationwide.
We want to reduce the loneliness and confusion in their lives and enable them to live with dignity, in a place they can call HOME.
Our network of fully supported homes for life will offer residents opportunities to engage in their interests and hobbies, their lives being enriched with a sense of purpose and community.


NICE reports that “Severe mental illness affects around 0.9% of the population and numbers appear to be growing. Over 550,000 people registered with a GP had a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder or other psychoses in 2017/18, an increase of over 50,000 since 2014/15” – and these figures continue to grow and don’t take into account the hundreds of thousands who are not registered with the system.

If we can raise £1 for every family who lives with this experience, we would have the funding we need to open the first Hammersley Home, and be on the way to achieving our ultimate aim – to provide these homes nationwide – AND importantly, this would help to raise awareness of the enormity of these issues that we champion, which is a vital step towards banishing the stigma that is still ever present.

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Mental illness is estimated to account for at least 25% of the country’s ‘burden of disease’, and yet it receives just 10% of the NHS funding.
The average cost to the taxpayer for a week in a Mental Health Ward is £3,000.
The lack of supported housing places additional burden and costs on the health and justice sectors.
Substantial policy, communication and operational gaps exist between mental health services and the police for individuals with enduring mental health needs.
25% of women and 15% of men in prison reported symptoms indicative of psychosis. The rate among the general public is about 4%.
There is currently no routine follow-up to assess whether people who have received mental healthcare in prison continue to receive care on release.
In 2017-18, there were 2.2 million households in England which included someone with a long-standing mental health condition.
In 2014, 80% of homeless people in England reported that they had mental health issues, with 45% having been diagnosed with a mental health condition.
Changing lives with kindness and compassion
Offering friendship and a home for life to adults suffering from
enduring mental illness
Safety, Security, Comfort and Companionship
– For Life
Keeping vulnerable people safe, out of hospital and away from
the Criminal Justice System
Reducing the loneliness and chaos
Enriching lives with the friendship and sense of community that
we all need and deserve
It doesn’t have to be like this
Help us to make the change
Working to break the stigma
We are fighting for change – an illness should not be grounds for stigmatisation

One of our fabulous supporters, Amanda Mann of Manns Cookies is organising another fundraising event in her gorgeous garden – this time not in aid of us but we are delighted to support her in all her charitable ventures … have a look and book now! It was wildly successful last year and it’s bound to be an extraordinary event again this year.

Book and enjoy!